I have started a series of ESP8266 tutorials for new comers, starting from blink, traffic light humidity/temperature sensor /OLED with I2C, MQTT interface to auto hydroponics system, and finally a Arduboy-like ESP8266 game board running modified Arduboy games codes.

Please take a look and give me some feed back.

Chapter 1 – How to begin  https://youtu.be/sCFUJBTcABU

Chapter 2 – Traffic light  https://youtu.be/79Q5pR74XGY

Chapter 3 – fridgemon  https://youtu.be/tiH37_QFUdE

Chapter 3 A – fridgemon code explained https://youtu.be/tiH37_QFUdE


4 thoughts on “ESP8266 tutorial series for new comers”

  1. Hi, I want to use a master ESP8266 in a hand-held controller, with some press buttons, to send commands by wi-fi, via a router. to several other slave ESP8266’s, to operate relays attached to them. Please could you suggest how to do this? I have successfully controlled one ESP8266 by using wi-fi on my phone, via a router. I now wish to expand this, and ultimately have feedback from the slaves back to the master, and ultimately remote control through the Internet.

  2. You can use ESPNOW to communicate with all the other modules. Check it out on the Espressif.com site!


  3. Hello! I bought an ESP 8266 -01 wifi relay whit a preloaded software. I built up my own flashing programmer and pressing the rest button I got the info that I have wrote down.

    SDK version:0.9.2
    mode : sta(18:fe:34:0c:73:54) + softAP(1a:fe:34:0c:73:54)
    add if0
    add if1
    dhcp server start:(ip:,mask:,gw:
    bcn 100

    Now I am wondering… what is next?
    Do I need to re-flash the firmware again or just load an ” ON OFF ” sketch?
    I presume the AT communication is not working as the firmware was erased.
    I have red about VOWSTAR and softAP but my option is to follow Arduino sketch application like ON OFF switch.
    As I am new in this microchips and programing word I need some advice, please!

  4. hi,im trying to send data/alarm notifications to blynk app/mobile phone or either also a webserver using an espo1 (my projects uses a esp01 and rapberry pi pico)…an experiment ive tried to use was the esp01,cp2101 uart modem as well as dht11 sensor …ive used a blynk sketch to test on arduino ide and i get an error message that says timed out on packet header…if you have tried to do a similar experiment ,please do advice further…your response will be highly appreciated.

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