I have started a series of ESP8266 tutorials for new comers, starting from blink, traffic light humidity/temperature sensor /OLED with I2C, MQTT interface to auto hydroponics system, and finally a Arduboy-like ESP8266 game board running modified Arduboy games codes.

Please take a look and give me some feed back.

Chapter 1 – How to begin  https://youtu.be/sCFUJBTcABU

Chapter 2 – Traffic light  https://youtu.be/79Q5pR74XGY

Chapter 3 – fridgemon  https://youtu.be/tiH37_QFUdE

Chapter 3 A – fridgemon code explained https://youtu.be/tiH37_QFUdE


One thought on “ESP8266 tutorial series for new comers”

  1. Hi, I want to use a master ESP8266 in a hand-held controller, with some press buttons, to send commands by wi-fi, via a router. to several other slave ESP8266’s, to operate relays attached to them. Please could you suggest how to do this? I have successfully controlled one ESP8266 by using wi-fi on my phone, via a router. I now wish to expand this, and ultimately have feedback from the slaves back to the master, and ultimately remote control through the Internet.

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