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    Open heyshamsw asked 1 year ago • General Question

    if it has not been answered yet. I just managed to do this today, after days of struggling. BTW I can’t find a way to respond to heyshamsw on this forum.

    The answer depends if you want to use the vs1053 in blocking mode or non-blocking. Blocking mode is easy, just use the Adafruit_vs1053 library as is and it ports to the ESP32. For non-blocking, this library needs to be modified. I managed to find a very obscure repository on GitHub by JohnJJG and danclarke. The JohnJJG code corrects the problems of the Adafruit library on the ESP32 for non-blocking mode. Just make sure you specify a proper GPIO for the Reset pin, and not the default -1. In the case of my ESPduino, it is GPIO12.

    Otherwise the modified library seems to work good.

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