ESPboy is an open-source, open-hardware, portable, modular gadget you can build yourself for 12$ and 1 hour to use for retro gaming, game-dev, or as an IoT platform for education and fun. 

OSHWA certification record record

Try electronics and programming a fun way and get kids interested, try hacking and creativity through limitations. 

Connect the original ESPboy module to get the fully functional gadget in a minute and understand how they work: LORA messenger, FM radio, MP3 player, weather st, GPS navigator, GSM phone… Or even make your unique prototype! 

Use Arduino, Micropython, LUA, BASIC, Scratch, or other hundreds of available tools to make games and applications. 

There is “ESPboy App Store” online with loads of applications and games ready to download and play in a few seconds, like GooglePlay/iStore. Available directly from the device 

Connect to the internet with built-in WiFi, upload firmware/apps, communicate with people, and web services the same simple way as on your smartphone

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