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Crowfunder Staff asked 5 years ago

Hey there,

Few days ago i bought ESP-8266 “Ai Cloud Inside” module (I was searching for nodeMCU but i couldn’t find it in local shop, matching image below.)

I’ve got two problems for now:

First: I’m unable to find any matching firmware. Every link i’ve managed to find is dead.

Second: I’m unable to find any working flash tool. I found some articles, i even managed to enter flashing mode (or at least i guess so, blue led flashing for few seconds after to power supply) using Arduino UNO board. I tried to use some which are undedicated to this one, but none worked so far (bad packed id or smth like that, also other errors i can’t remember, pins used etc at the end of this post).

So, what am i asking for?

I’d be grateful if anybody could provide me links for working flash tool (i don’t care if it’s a typical windows exe or a linux terminal script) and (yet again) working firmware. Also checking if this connection scheme used for flashing is right. I’m a beginner at using things such as ESP, still learning, so as much info as it’s possible is a serious advantage for me. Hope i explained everything well enough.


Connections i’ve used:

  • [ESP – Arduino]
  • VCC – 3.3V
  • CH_PD – 3.3V
  • GND – GND
  • URXD – TX
  • UTXD – RX
  • GPIO0 – GND (Flashing mode (?))

According to pin scheme: