QuestionsCategory: General QuestionESP8266 webserver not getting connection from ethernet (but does via wifi)
Derek asked 5 years ago

I am starting experimenting with the ESP8266 using the Adafruit Huzzah board, and trying the various example programs. But when I try to run it as a web server, I can load the web page in a wifi connected browser but not a ethernet connected browser.
To explain, I am running the HelloServer.ino example and the only change I have made is to insert the SSID and password. When I load the IP address into a browser on my laptop (Win7) I could not read the ESP8266 web page. But when I tried the same from an iPad it immediately came up. Trying some combinations, I can load the web page from my laptop browser as long as I am on wifi, but not when I am on an ethernet connection. (The laptop IPs for cable and wifi are both
I would appreciate any suggestions to get around this problem, although I think it is something with the network, not the EP8266 or the example code.