QuestionsCategory: General QuestionHow to flash ATMega using ESP?
Paul Allsopp asked 5 years ago

I haven’t started yet, so I cannot provide a “what have you done so far”. I’m just starting the research.
I’m building a small robot, whose main “brain” will be a ATMega328P, and will use other Atmel chips for different purposes. As I work through the project, there are going to be times when I need to pull a chip and reflash it. Rather than doing this, is there a way for me to use an ESP OTA to flash the chips in-place?
I know I could (theoretically) put the chip into flashing mode and transmit the new code to the chip. So what I’m looking for are any helpful articles/examples of this scenario.
Like I said, I’m just starting the research on it, so thought I’d post here first instead of reading 100 incorrect answers on Google/Bing.
Once I’m on my way, I’d be happy to share my findings from the “non-theoretical” side of it 🙂
Thank you for any, and all, help.