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HDA asked 5 years ago

I am doing project on ESP 8266 controller and trying to create tree network.
Without using internet, I am creating a main server, I am calling it as ‘S’ and trying to connect one client (calling as C1). Then using stationary mode I am converting client ‘C1’ into a new server ‘S2’ with different ssid and password. Further, I am connecting 2 more clients (C2 and C3) that are connected with Server ‘S1’. So, I want to transmit sensors data from clients C2 and C3 to S1 and after receivng, S1 changes its mode to C1 and transmit the same data to S. The problem I am facing here is,
(i) if I connect single client either C2 or C3, then data is easily transferred to S1. But the moment another client is also connected then S1 stops receiving data from both the clients. Also, if no clients is connected then this line “String Text = client.readStringUntil(‘\n’)” is consuming 5 seconds in searching some data.
(ii) In the same manner, when multiple client-server (C1-S1 and so on) are connected with main server ‘S’, S is not receiving data from any of the client. 
Please help me in my case.