QuestionsCategory: General QuestionSetting up ESP8266 on macbook pro with Arduino IDE
peter jacobsen asked 5 years ago

Hi there, 
Can someone please help me setup my NodeMcu Esp8266 through Arduino IDE on my mac? 
These are the steps I’ve been following below with no success:

  1. Download Arduino IDE
  2. Arduino>Preferences>Copy Board Manager link from Github Page> Paste into Board Manager URLS in Arduino

       3. Tools>Board Manager> Search Esp8266> Download community software ESP8266
        4. Tools>Board>NodeMCU 1.0 (Esp12E Module)
        5. Tools> WIFI firmware updater> Port> /dev/cu/.SLAB-USBtoUART
       6. File>Examples>0.1Basics>Blink
      7. Press Upload in Arduino