QuestionsCategory: General QuestionSetting up ESP8266 on macbook pro with Arduino IDE
peter jacobsen asked 11 months ago

Hi there, 
Can someone please help me setup my NodeMcu Esp8266 through Arduino IDE on my mac? 
These are the steps I’ve been following below with no success:

  1. Download Arduino IDE
  2. Arduino>Preferences>Copy Board Manager link from Github Page> Paste into Board Manager URLS in Arduino

       3. Tools>Board Manager> Search Esp8266> Download community software ESP8266
        4. Tools>Board>NodeMCU 1.0 (Esp12E Module)
        5. Tools> WIFI firmware updater> Port> /dev/cu/.SLAB-USBtoUART
       6. File>Examples>0.1Basics>Blink
      7. Press Upload in Arduino