Getting 200% faster Arduino IDE compiles with ESP8266 or ESP32 or… well… anything….

OK, this one might not be so much of a project but more of a “pro tip”.  We all know that Our PCs can be slow from time to time and I hate waiting, so when messing with a few ESP sketches tonight, I realized my compile time could be twice as fast and all I did was turn off Antivirus (well technically I added an exception).  I wrote a complete blog article about it in case anyone wants click by click instructions for Windows 10 / Windows Security Center exceptions.  For my clean Windows build I went from 12 second compiles to half that; 6 seconds.  I really hope this helps others.

I could paste the whole article here, but it really is mostly just me rambling to keep google search happy…

11 thoughts on “200% Faster Arduino Compiles”

    1. Do you run AV on your Linux box? If you do, you may well likely experience improvements by excluding the compiler directories.

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