Believe it or not, I have modified my automated cat feeder by removing the microcontroller that came with it and replacing it with a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266) module. The cat feeder is now internet enabled. It gets the time from the internet to ensure the feeding times are accurate (I have 2 feeders for 2 cats and the stock MCU and clock is very inaccurate and over time they drift till they are minutes apart. This can be a problem if one cat gets fed and the other doesn’t as they end up squabbling). I can also check the feed has occurred and set feed times remotely.

I leave my cats at home when I go on holiday. They have the automated feeder, a water fountain and a cat flap to let themselves in and out. I also check in on them using Skype. The above setup is a lot cheaper than approx. 15 a day at a cattery.

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