Can you help debug an ESP32 demo crash?
I’ve had this set of demos from Sublime for a while now:
The problem is that they work perfectly fine on ESP8266, or Teensy, but one of them crashes (reboot) with no traceback last time I spent a while doing printf debugging, it felt that I was just moving the crash around as code alignment/compilation was changed.
I’m almost certain it’s an ESP32 core bug, but I can’t prove it and can’t narrow it down, because when I do, it just moves/goes away.
+Yves BAZIN or someone else with ESP32, is that something you’d have the time, skill and curiosity to debug on your ESP32 rig? you’d think it’s an obvious out of bounds write, but
1) I haven’t found it
2) typically ESP32 will catch those and give a traceback, which it does not there

You’d have to take the code, install FastLED::NeoMatrix and change config.h to comment out SmartMatrix
and define the init of your array (pin numbers and resolution), it’s reasonably easy to do.

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