We made a ESP32 board and server-side system to let people to use this board from their HTML web browser.


Please Imagine, How do you program to control ESP32 from your HTML web browser? First, you should know the IP address and the  firewall must be opened. And API or something should be embedded in ESP32. Also javascript programs is needed to use APIs.

Our project “obniz” is what we, and maybe you, wanted. obniz is ESP32 board, and We also provide server-side system (we named it “obniz cloud”). After WiFi connection setup, an obniz is always connected to obniz cloud as long as WiFi available.

And your obniz is able to be controlled from APIs on obniz cloud. So, you don’t need to know IP address, open firewall, and prepare APIs.

obniz let people to use hardware as API.
So you can use it, even in your javascript written in your HTML.

SDK and Apps are not needed to use obniz. just a browser is needed. Also, we provide the HTML edit and hosting system on obniz cloud. and obniz.js is available as js library. It’s program url is showed on your obniz OLED display as QR code. Just scan the QR code, then program page will appear. Easy to program and run it. Smartphone is enough to program.

It js runs on various modern browsers. Even if smartphones.


obniz is not just ESP32 soldered board.
It’s has 12 IO. and each IO has functions below:

  • up to 1A
  • 5v/3v programmable
  • output types available 1, push-pull5v 2, push-pull3v 3, open-drain
  • pull-up(5v/3v) pull-down
  • AD/UART/SPI etc is assignable on each IO
  • over-current and over-heating protection

Most significant feature is “up to 1A”.

obniz has fast motor-drivers on each IO. When you choose “5v push-pull” then, the IO is able to  drive up to 1A. So you can connect motors and power supply of something else board can be connected directly.

Web service integrations is easy

It is to integrate with any other web services like IFTTT, Twitter, Facebook…

This is example of GoogleHome integration.

You can see the complete program below:


Now on kickstarter

We started kickstarter project to mass-product obniz.
Please back our project!



3 thoughts on “Controlling ESP32 from “obniz” over HTML”

  1. I would like to see more tutorials for this, Javascript is very cool for ESP8266. You should show this off more so you can sell more 🙂

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