First off, I love the NODEMCU that i have, and the Maple Mini V3 just doesn’t stack up for what i need to do.

So I find myself needing to make a choice, and figured that the ESP community would most definitely help in my robot’s development.

I see new ones coming out with and without a mainboard for power and usb support.

Hardware that needs a pin are listed below.
RC Remote Controller 6 Channel-running on 6 digital clock pins
ADXL accelerometer pins
NRF24L01 2.4GHz Radio/Wireless Transceiver
Piezo out pin
4 PWM out pins-Motor H-Bridge module
LED out pin
2 Servo PWM pins
SD card pins
Function Button pin

I have a couple in mind, but don’t want to dirty the pool with your answers.

TYVM to all for at least reading this
Check out or even join up to my community for updates to this project

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