Germany, Europe completely migrates to Python now!

Python, as truly free language (compare to 8.8 bln. Oracle – Google lawsuit about formerly free Java programming language), now becomes european #1 language in business, IoT, embedded devices (see Micropython on e.g. ESP32).

Python, since a long time now, is heavily sponsored by European commission (it’s the inofficial EU government, just a few persons deciding), especially PyPy, the Python written Python JIT compiler. Means: With PyPy3, Python is on par with Microsoft’s .NET, Oracle’s JVM, Node.js. But like Linux and GNOME GUI, it’s a community effort, no commercial company behind, that may claim copyrights on APIs, ABIs, like Oracle (or Google with Go, Kotlin, Microsoft with .NET, MONO).

And here is another good reason, why Germany (and whole Europe) are going Python (France also going Pharo Smalltalk), the _most brilliant programming language on earth_. Python has recently surpassed Java, according to Stackoverflow statistics.

Have fun!

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