Happy New Year Everyone!

Pre-Announce: SmartMatrix::GFX https://github.com/marcmerlin/SmartMatrix_GFX/blob/master/README.md

Demo: https://youtu.be/FjBL09Qceqs

Given the time I spent porting demos to Adafruit GFX and/or FastLED (via FastLED::NeoMatrix), and that I needed to use some smaller higher res panels, which sadly can only be had as RGB Panels, I looked around at options.
There are 3 drivers for RGB Panels (one native for ESP32 with DMA and with GFX support, but sadly it’s limited to 64×32 only). The README above explains in more details but the winner is of course +Louis Beaudoin SmartMatrix, so I wrote a GFX + FastLED compat layer for it (the FastLED compat allows running code that applies CRGB methods against the CRGB LED array without changing a line of code).

In turn, this allowed all my demos to be ported easily (which as a reminder is code I didn’t write for the most part), and it’s now all working on SmartMatrix too (I still need to port FastLED::GFX demos over like +Mark Estes’ demos but that should be easy)
As full circle irony, +Jason Coon’s Aurora demos were ported back to SmartMatrix which is where they came from 🙂

I’ll post updates when I have more, but the code is already usable as is, see the link above. You can go in config.h and switch between SmartMatrix and Neomatrix with a single #define.

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