Hi, I am having the following problem and am desperatly looking for help:

I run an Nodemcu ESP8266 12E board, programmed in Arduino.
I would like to connect three input buttons to D6, D7 an D8.
Each button is linked to a separate pullup-resistor of 10K Ohm.

The button on D6 is working fine, if connected alone. But if I connect the others on the circuit board, they do not work. Also I can see that the button on D6 is triggering the input on D7.

First questions:
Are 10K Ohn the right choice when running more than one pull-up resistor?
Are D6 (GPIO 1512), 7 (GPIO 1513) and 8 (GPIO 15) GPIO I can use for inputs?

Will try to add a picture of my circuit and example code as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for helping!

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