Hi, I use WiFiEsp library by bportaluri and I edited the serverAP exemple as this:

WiFiEspClient client = server.available(); // listen for incoming clients if (client) { // if you get a client, Serial.println(‘New client’); // print a message out the serial port buf.init(); // initialize the circular buffer while (client.connected()) { // loop while the client’s connected if (client.available()) { // if there’s bytes to read from the client, char c = client.read(); // read a byte, then stringa += c; buf.push(c); // push it to the ring buffer if (c == ‘\n’) { String result = getParametro(stringa, ‘hi=’); if (result.equals(‘saluta HTTP/1.1’)) { Serial.println(‘Ciao’); } else if (result.equals(‘salutaEle HTTP/1.1’)) { Serial.println(‘Ciao ele’); } } // you got two newline characters in a row // that’s the end of the HTTP request, so send a response if (buf.endsWith(‘\r\n\r\n’)) { sendHttpResponse(client); break; } } } // give the web browser time to receive the data delay(10); // close the connection client.stop(); Serial.println(‘Client disconnected’); }

and it works, when I go to it prints:

[WiFiEsp] Server started on port 80 Server started [WiFiEsp] New client 0 New client Ciao Ciao Ciao Ciao Ciao Ciao Ciao [WiFiEsp] Disconnecting 0 Client disconnected

but when after this I go to it prints:

[WiFiEsp] New client 0 New client [WiFiEsp] Disconnecting 0 Client disconnected

So my questions are, if somebody knows:

Why it prints ‘Ciao’ so many times?
Why it does not print the second request? It’s like it disconnect the device, but why?

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