Hi there,
I am new at the community, I have seen many awesome projects which are very cool.
I’malso new in the Arduino world so please help.
What I am trying to understand is how can I build an IoT project uisng the esp8266 to connect, retrieve and store data to the cloud. The AT commands I get them, but what I am really looking for is to make the connection easy for a non-tech person.

Here is what I want to do. I want to give to my mom on mother’s day a flower plant which can be irrigated automatically and show her on a web or an app the data about her plant with a nice message anytime she logs in.

Now my biggest issue is that she is in another city so I just want her to be able to plug in the plant and voila, starts sending data. Obviously this sounds pretty pretentious, since she really needs to be able to set the SSID and Password, but again, she’s old and not interested in tech things, so how can I make the esp8266 to connect to the router in an easy way.

Maybe using a bluteooth connection to an app and make the app stores the data or maybe using a display with buttons, ???? Really struggling with the idea, so if anyone knows a solution for this it will be very helpful.

Thanks to everyone!!

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