I am building my MQTT Tasmota IR transmitter to be connected to my home assistant.
The goal is to control my air conditioner Olympia Splendid via IR.

I had to fight to understand the IR signal emitted from the proprietary device remote. In order to facilitate the task I have used Arduino and a IR receiver shield to try to decode the signal. I have also connected the IR shield output to a digital signal analyzer oscilloscope to get the data.

I could not see the original data, since the IR receiver transistor of the shield demodulate the IR signal on the output. So I have bought this very interesting kit from


that has all the type of hard to find IR receivers for all kind of frequency signals all in one package. The site has a well documented usage of each kind of diode or IR transistor of the kit. A must have for anyone interested in playing with InfraRed signals.

There is also one that does not demodulate the signal and let’s measure the exact IR frequency emitted on your own digital oscilloscope.

I bought also from the same shop a nice WEmos IR shield that I will put on directly on my WEmos with tasmota to have the complete device.

I also bought their AnalysIR application, that gave me a great help in reverse engineering the digital IR signal and transform it in real commands bytes.
They gave a custom firmware for Arduino or ESP8266 to use with the application to analyze the data.

I was able to get a good understanding of the signal and write a new implementation of the Olympia Splendid IR protocol on the Arduino IR Lib.
I tried and after some debugs I was able to successfully send the command from Arduino to turn the device on.
Now I will improve the code on the library, and then I will port on the Tasmota IR Library integrating with the already existing IR MQTT commands.

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