I assembled two units yesterday even if I still have a few parts that I’m missing like the 12 pin cell monitoring connector (did not realized that is hard to find) for now I have a 10pin connector and soldered wire for the extra pins.
There was also a 30kOhm resistor I forgot to order. I also need to order LCD’s as I do not have any left (exact same as on SBMS40) and I need to order volume but is hard now with the Chinese new year.
I’m fine with this one prototype for now as I have quite a bit of work on the software side since there are quite a few changes needed to make this work fully.
I also need to design that optional WiFi back board and I want to add bit more than just WiFi functionality to that one like digital isolator for I2C and UART and an UART to USB converter after the isolator at least I will do this if there is space as that ESP32 WiFi module is fairly large compared to the size of SBMS0.
The back PCB will be present on all units just not populated those that want the WiFi module option and or digital isolator can pay extra or they can solder the extra components themselves.
I was also looking in to the possibility of building separate module that will be a combination of ideal diode + mosfet switch capable of 20 to 25A max so able to handle up to two large 60 cell PV panels and that can be controlled by the EXT IO4 on the SBMS0 or any other SBMS and multiple of this could be used as needed (I need to make one of this for no more than 40CAD else it will not make sense to do this).

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