I have troubles understanding the consumption of a single ws2813 5m stripe.
I want to connect 5m of ws2813 led strip (5v), with 60leds per meter. My calculation is that it will make 5m * 60leds/m * 60mA/led = 18A.
Is this correct !?! so I would need a 20A transformer (220v to 5v) !? isnt that huge ?
1- is there any way to reduce this (parallel wiring? if so, can i still control all the leds as i wish?)
2- i would need a 2.5mm wire, right ? i would solder it between the transformer and the led strip, and would also use this between my wall and the transformer, correct ?
3- can the arduino handle the 20A ?! the 2.5mm ground and 5v power will also go to the arduino, and the data cable (lot less than 2.5mm i believe) as well, no issue for the arduino ?

thank you for your help ! im really surprised by the 20A, looks like its gonna get hot in there !

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