Inspided by Alex Tatistcheff outdoor xmas display I ordered an ESP32 feather from Adafruit. In hindsight i wish i would have gone with the ESP8266 because I have been trying with no success to the ESP32 fork of Jason Coon’s FastLED web server working on it.

Seem I’m hitting the same ole’ issue of failure to serve the static resources from SPIFFS. web client handles non-SPIFFS responses just fine and Im obviously doing something wrong because I’ve spent a lot of time attempting the fix with replacing Esp32fs.jar and libspiffs.a but no dice.

I suspect the location of said files is my stumbling point since my Arduino IDE is in Program Files x86 with the sketchbook located in a Google Drive sync’d folder under C:\Users\\.. and the espress SDK located somewhere in my appData/local folder while im actually coding out of Visual Studio via Visual Micro. Where libraries, drivers, hardware, tools etc. are coming from is a bit of a mystery at this point

Anyway 3 questions on this topic:

1\. the ESP32 has substantial resources, what is the downside if I circumvent the SPIFFS issue by serving the web resources from runtime memory OR an existing local web server as a CDN for static resources with the dynamic pages coming from the ESP32 runtime memory?

2\. Looks like the ESP32 fork of the FastLED web server has a lot of new code (shout out to Sam Guyer) but a very different static web interface from the ESP8266 version. Why wouldn’t the original web interface suffice for the ESP32 version as the JS and HTML is independent of the server-side library or is this part of an overall functionality upgrade

3\. Anyone have a fully functioning ESP32-based project with Jason Coon’s awesome web server library?

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