Is it possible to drive 2000 leds With Esp8266 Or Esp32 Or Arduino UNO?
No matter for slow frame rate even <20. I’ve 8bit colour bitmap frames ,then how to get color value from bit map and map with size like 50×40 Or 100×20 Etc…

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  1. Forget UNO. To control 2000 LEDs (RGB?) you have to use at least 2000 * 3 bytes of memory. Even MEGA is hard to use.
    The ESP chips are much faster and cheaper and they are worth the trouble converting the 3.3V output to 5V for the LED-strip. The question is, why would you show the bitmap on the leds. I am asking this, because you will never be happy with the picture (both the colors and the resolution) and it is probably much simpler if not cheaper to use a display instead (remember: the display is consisting of LEDs too 🙂

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