I’ve been playing with the ESP-01 board lately. I bought these awhile ago because they were all over the internet. Finally though, I thought of something to do with my ESP8266.

I’m testing my setup which is currently on top of my washing machine. A photo resistor is on top of an LED of the washer. When the wash cycle is complete (these lights turn off), my board should know it and use instapush to send a notification to my phone/watch.

My washer and dryer are in the basement and not very loud, so sometimes we miss it and clothes sit. The time estimate for when the washer will be done is also WAY off (Miss Cleo would have better predictions). So this $4 board and a few cents in parts will make a nice and cheap system.

Right now, I’m also running on two AA batteries and I’m curious how long they’ll last. Once the load confirms done I think I’ll leave it on to die and see how long that takes.

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