I’ve done a few projects in the past with led strips and the Teensy 3.2/OctoWS2811 shield with FastLED. I’m thinking of doing something larger and more complex, but not sure the right direction. Something modular and wireless, but each module is controlled via a single master controller, or interface.

Take an example of 2 independent (or more) light displays that are identical. Each has their own controller with identical code and can work independently, with various patterns. Now throw in a wireless option that can control both of them and sync them. So if you choose pattern 1, it will change to pattern 1 on both and run both in sync. Or, be able to trigger running pattern 1 on display 1 and pattern 2 on display 2 at the same time, etc.

It would also be great to somehow upload new patterns to the wireless units without reprogramming them. More of a plugin kind of thing, dynamically loading them like from a text file. Is that possible?

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