LoRa SX1278 long-distance chat sms pager project. (description below)
: https://github.com/luxonn/Lora-chat/blob/master/README.md

LoRa 40-60% , FRS, CB .
LoRa 15 5 .
( ) , . 700

SX1278 ESP32 Bluetooth WIFI Lora

2Pcs 433/470MHz SX1278 ESP32 LoRa

LoRa SX1278 long-distance chat sms pager project.
Send text and GPS locations without cellular reception or satellite.
LoRa offers 40-60% more point-to-point range than FRS, CB or any unlicensed two-way radios. Connect with another LoRa pager
up to 15km/9 miles away with line of sight, or 5km/3 miles with no line of sight.

LoRa chat / long-distance (from 1km to 700 km when using high-altitude balloons) communication (chat) in the forest using LoRa technology Firmware for Heltec ESP32 LoRa boards (w/ the onboard OLED) A tweaked out version from : https://github.com/unprovable/LoRaChat. Added connection to the phone (serial terminal) by Bluetooth.
Source code for my LoRa chat sms pager project.
Current features: Single to many messages. Simple interface by serial terminal android app.
Features I’ll be adding: Better security, (currently it’s open). Retransmit. Mash network. Addressing.
Link: https://github.com/luxonn/Lora-chat/blob/master/README.md

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