Ever tried to install Visual Studio on a $3 microcomputer?

_Visual Studio_ download size is 38.2GB, consisting of 3,316 Files, 1,291 Folders.

With Micropython you can easily develop software on that tiny IoT machine itself. It’s a high level language. The ESP32 has _2 cores running with 240MHz_ \- consuming less than Watt. Micropython also compiles on Linux, e.g. for testing purposes.

Server – Python, client – Python. Cloud: Linux ($2.96/month for a dedicated Debian / Ubuntu server – with 20TB traffic included! – at http://hetzner.de, see CX11 offer)

Result: Same. But muuuuch cheaper than Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud ( Firebase ), IBM Cloud, HP Cloud, Dell Cloud.

Finished with U.S. cloud industry, finished with bloated software, bloated IDEs, bloated toolchains!!!

Back to the roots! Get back control! https://github.com/micropython/micropython/blob/master/README.md

Have fun!

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