Mini NodeMCU with the ESP8266 model ESP-12F even if they do not use the bottom pins for the brake-out board.
I got a while back the white adapter board and some ESP-07 which incidentally have the exact pin out and layout as the top of the mini NodeMCU board the only difference is the fact that the CH340 Serial to USB will give 5V power and I do not have the 5V regulator on my white board. Even so I made a test powering it and it work`t, I will have to measure the voltage out of the base.
The top ESP also has a RGB led and a photo resistor for fast prototyping. Buttons on the mini NodeMCU are Flash and 2 reset buttons (one on top one on bottom PCB) and also 2 USB connectors one on the bottom PCB witch is the serial to USB and one on the top for powering the board independently.

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