NEW PRODUCT AdaBox003 The World of IoT Curated by Digikey

Please note! This is NOT the subscription version of AdaBox! This is_ONLY_AdaBox003 that shipped out to AdaBox subscribers in March of 2017. This version_does not_include free shipping, the lithium ion battery, or AdaBox subscriber exclusive pin.If you’d like to subscribe to AdaBox, please visit the AdaBox page:

AdaBox003 The World of IoT (Curated by Digikey)is the perfect gift for folks who are just getting started in the world of DIY electronics. It’s an excellent introduction to our wide world of the Internet of Things and a great way to test the waters of AdaBox before committing to a subscription.

If walls could talk.
If fridges could email.
If toasters could tweet.
If garbage cans could blog.
If sinks could post stories.
If stoves could code.

The Internet of Things can be in all the things. Adafruit, Digikey, and Nimbus the Friendly Cloud Entity are here to help you learn how to connect everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The box has all the parts you need to build just about any IoT project. If you want to make your project portable, pick up a ~500mAh LiPoly battery sold separately

If you’re an international customer, this is currently the only way to get an AdaBox (for now – we’re working on it!) and if you’re a subscriber who missed out on boxes one and two, a great way to spend your time as you anxiously await ADABOX 004.

This kit DOES NOT include the collectible pin, lithium ion battery, or free shipping.


Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi – pre-soldered with Feather Stacking Headers
Featherwing OLED – 128×32 OLED Add-on – pre-soldered
DHT22 Temperature-Humidity Sensor
Micro Servo
PIR Motion Sensor
Premium Male/Male Jumper Wires- 40′ x 6′
Half Size Breadboard
Magnetic Contact Switch (door sensor)
Medium Vibration Sensor Switch
AdaBox003 Component Bag

For AdaBox003, Adafruit has partnered with our good friends at Digikey and their maker portal to bring you an exclusive and exciting loT experience.

Visit and for AdaBox tutorials.

Visit to share your creations.

Check out for more information!

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