New Products 10/3/18 Featuring#Adafruit#NeoPXL8Friend – 8 x Strands#NeoPixelLevel Shifter! (Video)

Zero Stem for Pi Zero 1.3 and Pi Zero W 1.1 (0:07)

Mini Ad Blocking Pi-Hole Kit with Pi Zero WH – No Soldering! (1:40)

Ad Blocking Kit for Pi-Hole with 2.8′ PiTFT – No Soldering! – No Raspberry Pi Included (3:18)

TFmini Infrared Time of Flight Distance Sensor (4:43)

ESP32-WROVER-B Module – ESP32 with PSRAM Module (5:54)

Getting Started with Circuit Playground Express Book Bundle (8:00)

Adafruit NeoPXL8 Friend – 8 x Strands NeoPixel Level Shifter (10:08)

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