Tiny review of LoLin NodeMCU v3

I have just received this ‘LoLin NodeMCU v3’ board from Aliexpress. It was one of the first results on Aliexpress for ‘nodemcu’, and runs on the ESP-12E module. On the bottom it links to WeMos.cc website, but when I asked WeMos if they were the manufacturers of this board, they answered me it wasn’t.

Not sure about the quality: there are traces of flux on the board, and the USB-serial chip is a cheap one, but for the moment I didn’t have many problems. Unlike what they stated, the firmware was an AT-based one, not NodeMCU. It took me some time to flash it, as I spend some hours figuring out why the output on serial was just garbage. Then I also flashed blank.bin and everything works (for the moment). However, as the build quality is quite cheap, I’d recommend you to spend 2 more dollars (5$ vs. 3$) and buy a better quality board, like the WeMos ones. However, it seems to work for the moment.

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