Uncanny Eyes Halloween Costume @HacksterIO#Halloween#UncannyEyes#ESP32

_LaurentR on Hackster.io shows us FIVE pairs of uncanny eyes, all controllable via a Wii Nunchuck!_

_This was my 2018 Halloween project. I was very impressed by Adafruit’s Uncanny Eyes and decided to use them as a basis for my Halloween contribution this year._

_The original Uncanny Eyes do a great job at looking realistic in the the rendering and the movement of the eyes, eyelids and pupils. This projects extends this in several directions:_

_Integrate the eyes into a realistic skull._

_Integrate multiple of the skulls on a costume, at eye-level for best effect. The random movement of multiple pairs of eyes creates a nice disturbing effect._

_Allow the wearer of the costume to seamlessly transition from random motion to coordinated movements under the control of a handheld input device with an analog joystick and buttons._

_Allow the wearer to switch between different types of eyes. The human eyes are great. This adds the option to easily switch to the scary looking newt eyes._

Parts include a ESP32 DEVKITV1, generic displays, a nunchuck from Adafruit and some custom code modified from the Adafruit tutorials.

See the full details here

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