Visuino – Visual Development for Arduino by Mitov Software
Just released Visuino – Graphical Development for Arduino – 7_8_2_290 with Elegoo Balancing Robot support and more…

Improved ESP8266 and ESP32 WiFi support
Added initial FTDI FT800 Display support
Added Interrupts support for the Counter components
Improved I2C Arduino to Arduino support
Improved Motor Drivers support
Improved Servo precision
Added option to enable/disable Sequence component elements
Improved Yahboom Microbit Robot Carrier Board implementation
Improved Digispark and Digispark Pro support
Reduced memory usage by the Compare components
Reduced memory usage by the ColorToAnalog, and RGBWColorToAnalog component
Added RGB LED and RGBW LED components
Improved RS485 support for Controllino
Added Elegoo Balancing Robot Shield support
Added Guoyun ESP-32F Development Board support
Large number of performance and stability improvements in the IDE

Updated version of the User Code Component is included in the Visuino Pro version available in the G+ Community

Here is also the updated Component Development SDK:

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