What’s your average time to connect to a Wifi in station mode with your esp8266?

I have been profiling my DHT22-based sensor node. Most of the time (~2s) is spent on connecting to the AP. Data acquisition itself takes around 275ms. Publishing the data (including the timing metrics) takes about 200ms as well.

What are your figures here? I already got it down from 4s to 2s by using a static IP.

Other things I have tried, which helped only marginally at best:

* setting the BSSID and the channel
* using Wifi.setAutoReconnect(true)

Most of these tips come from https://github.com/z2amiller/sensorboard/blob/master/PowerSaving.md

If you are curious, my current Arduino code is at https://github.com/mhaas/esp8266_sensor_node_code/blob/master/src/weather_station_mqtt.ino#L79 \- still quite messy 🙂

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