+Peter van der Walt +Ray Kholodovsky +Arthur Wolf \- question for the Cohesion3D Remix (which I believe is based / inspired from the Smoothiebrainz board.

What’s the best way to use the ESP8266 that’s on board. I’ve been able to send commands using the ESP-Link firmware on it, and have been able to reset the LPC, etc. What I would really like to do is:

1\. Access the Smoothie’s web interface through it. As I understand it – right now we can only access the web interface through the Ethernet interface.
2\. Alternatively setup Octoprint to print over wifi.

Can you please help me understand the process.

Also, the smoothie documentation mentions that sending Ctrl-X over the serial port would kill the print. http://smoothieware.org/killbutton
How do I send Ctrl-X over the serial port???

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